Series application
Grain series - rice, oats, red sorghum, millet

Millet, produced from Gansu millet, its growth selection is very strong, only suitable for the barren and dry land in mountainous areas. 

Red sorghum is grown in Gaomi red sorghum town, Shandong Province. Sorghum has strong adaptability to soil, and can be planted in sandy loam soil, clay heavy soil, saline-alkali soil, hilly land, slope land, low-lying land prone to waterlogging, etc. 

The oat of North Zhangjiakou, the average altitude is 1400~1600 meters, is an alpine semi-arid region. Application Product: anti-aging maintenance products TRUFEREAU OAT TRULYFER OAT 

Rice, Northeast Jilin rice, the unique regional advantages, to ensure the Northeast rice unique high quality. Application products: Even skin color products, basic moisturizing maintenance products TRUFEREAU RE TRUFEREX RE 

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