About Us

How to produce 100% pure chemical-free ingredients?

Fresh plants delivered directly from the farm.

Fermentation plants originated from Anhui Huangshan farm.
Using AB type biocatalyst composting natural farming method,
we cultivated batches of wild natural plants.

Through patented Low-temperature Bio-Fermentation, we can totally use
full plant energy into small molecule for the skin.

In whole process, we didn't add any chemical additives and make the world's first 100% Chemical-free ingredients.

上海 仙萃生物科技有限公司
Shanghai Fresh Biological Technology Co. Ltd.

Tainan, Taiwan
Taiwan Li Group Global Headquarters
1103 square meters production space, 8 production lines
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Shanghai Xiancui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
26,000 square meters production space, 8 production lines
Anhui, China Ecological Farm
Build our own source library of plants. This farm is located in the secondary water source protection area. For our environmental philosophy, we do not use pesticides, use bio-fermentation fertilizer and cooperate with local farmers to provide farmers better. Life and cooperation.
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Quanliang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Fresh Bottle Patent Packaging Products
Starting from 2014, we cooperated with Anhui to develop the farm
in order to build our plant resource database.

This farm is located in secondary water conservation area.
From our environmental concept, we use biocatalyst fertilizers without using pesticides.

Cooperating with local farmers to bring them better living.
It is a place surrounding with the mountains and rivers,
where had been known as the "paradise of the world" since ancient times.
Located at north subtropical humid monsoon climate.

Moderate climate with annual average temperature around 15.5 ℃. TOP

Power of Microorganism +
Original Fresh Packaging
High Concentrated Fermented Plant Essence

Power of Microorganism + Original Fresh Packaging , High Concentrated Fermented Plant Essence, Patented strains are able to transform plants into small molecules, and they are easily absorbed by skin. Botanical polysaccharides have natural viscosity to enhance formula, and it can help to transform sensitive substances and make our skin healthier. As a result, our chemical-free products do not need to add traditional chemical additive. (emulsifiers, thickeners, sensory modifiers, etc )

Our products are produced in qualified hygiene standard cleanroom. From selecting materials, R&D, production, and packaging, we use high safety standard to ensure every drop of beauty ingredients are securely sealed inside. Upon opening the package, it will freshly release to the skin and enjoy the golden period from freshness beauty nutrients. Optimizing skincare efficacy!

In order to maintain botanical fermenting products are fresh with efficacy without any chemical additives in any conditions, we selected latest ECO-friendly material PP resin to produce single-use ampoule. They are strong, light, good sealing, and heat-resistance. Even we used recycling combustion, they will not release harmful gases.