How to produce 100% pure chemical-free ingredients.

Fresh Plant delivered directly from Farm
Fermentation plants originated from Anhui Huangshan farm. Using AB type biocatalyst composting natural farming method, we cultivated batches of wild natural plants.

Patented Bio-fermentation
Low-temperature Bio-Fermentation, we can totally use full plant energy into small molecule for the skin. In whole process, we didn’t add any chemical additives and make the world’s first 100% Chemical-free ingredients.

Fresh Packaging for Effective Use
World Patented fresh package for single use. So our products do not need to contain preservatives and anti-bacterial agents. It is able to sell on the market. Every skin treatment are full of natural energizing love and care.


Patented Automatic Production
Fresh plants were feeding into automatic production process till the end products without exposing to external environment.

Auto-filling machine with temporarily storage tank to ensure that the active ingredients do not contact with outside air. Through 2 steps purification filtration system, we can create pure biological fermented base products without preservative system. Using the low-temperature bio-fermentation system to intensively switch on transportation of active fermented nutrients from fresh plants.

Fresh plant delivery → Low-temperature Bio-fermentation system intensively activated fermented nutrients. → Twice purification process created preservative-free bio-fermentation products. → Sterile pot to ensure active ingredients will not expose to external air. → Automatic aseptic filling machine.


Fermentation Process Patent
We are using low-temperature Bio-fermentation in production process and can proceed large-scale production. Without adding any chemical additives, we can make world’s first 100% chemical-free skincare products.

Fresh Packaging Patent
World Patented fresh package for single use. So our fermented products do not need to contain preservatives. It is able to sell on the market. Every skin treatment are full of natural energizing love and care.


Chemical-free products are produced in qualified hygiene standard cleanroom. From selecting materials, R&D, production, and packaging, we use high safety standard to ensure every drop of beauty ingredients are securely sealed inside. Upon opening the package, it will freshly release to the skin and enjoy the golden period from freshness beauty nutrients. Optimizing skincare efficacy!

In order to maintain botanical fermenting products are fresh with efficacy without any chemical additives in any conditions, we selected latest ECO-friendly material PP resin to produce single-use ampoule. They are strong, light, good sealing, and heat-resistance. Even we used recycling combustion, they will not release harmful gases.


In-Vitro Testing
All plants will go through cell in-vitro testing for screening. After confirmed the efficacy, we will take it for product development.

Toxicology Testing
We will proceed toxicology testing to check the products’ safety. Even they have good effect but harmful to human, we can’t use them in our products.

Human In-Vivo Testing
We will test on human skin to check their efficacy internally. Using efficacy evaluation machines to confirm products have benefits to our human skin and proven their efficacy.

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