TRULYFER & TRUFEREX Series Fermented Serum Products

Using pure natural plant to produce fermented serum. Through the patented low-temperature bio-fermentation process, it allows the plant actives fully conserved inside our skincare products without adding any chemical substances.
Through microbial fermentation method to extract plant active, we used the enzyme in the microbial cell to catalyze the compound contained in the plant. To achieve the extraction effect of plant natural compounds. The whole process is pure nature without adding any chemical synthesis substances.


TruferEau Series Fermented Water Products

Through yeast fermentation, only plant extracts and yeast ferment product inside the ingredient list without any other additives!
Not only can many new nutrients be regenerated, but also the nutrients naturally contained in some plants will be more refined through fermentation that they are easily absorbed by the skin.
Pure plant, active fermentation without adding external water. The small molecule of fermented water that really makes the skin drink.


TruzenEau Series Plant Fresh Water Products

Fresh water with natural aroma is taken from the nutrient water inside of the cellular wall of fresh plants. During production, we did not contact or induce other chemical additives. Composing with the small molecular group and rich with natural moisturizing factors, which are similar to the water structure inside skin cells. They are more easily absorbed by skin.
Replacing the pure water in the formula and can make the latest anhydrous formula. You can take your product's image and efficacy to the next level!

Series application

The series includes 14 series, namely FLOWER series, Alpine Plateau series, high-end claim series, vanilla series, clean series, special series, local promotion/farm source series, tea series, mushroom series, fruit series, vegetable series, tonic series, grain series, and other series.