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Anhydrous formula-Perilla Centella Essence

We know that the challenges our skin faces are staying up late, being stressed, and having irregular daily routines, which leads to unstable skin conditions. The challenges the skin faces lead to a proliferation of sensitive skin. According to a survey by the World Health Organization, less than 10 percent of yellow people have healthy facial skin and more than 20 percent have unhealthy facial skin. However, the sub-healthy skin (sensitive muscle) between healthy and sick skin accounts for 70 percent.

Therefore, we launched Perilla Centella Essence to repair and stabilize the skin, the core ingredients of centella centella fermentation liquid to soothe and repair the skin, Perilla fresh water to increase the elasticity of the skin. Today I would like to introduce the anhydrous formula of Perilla Centella extract. The formula of Centella Perilla essence is to replace the deionized water in the formula with the fermentation liquid of centella Perilla centella essence to achieve anhydrous formula.

Centella effervescent fermentation liquid, the core of the formula, soothes sensitive skin, repairs skin barrier and fights oxidation. Made by unique fermentation technology, safe, natural and effective. Perilla fresh water is Perilla cell fluid extracted by low temperature wall breaking technology, which can replenish water and moisturize skin well, delay skin aging and enhance skin elasticity. Combined with Perilla fresh water, cellular lysate of yeast fermentation products, apple fruit cell culture extract, more effectively care for skin, delay skin aging, repair skin barrier.

Raw material is recommended

TRUFEREX CENLA is an essential ingredient for soothing sensitive skin, repairing skin barrier and anti-oxidation.

Main active ingredients of TRUFEREX CENLA: protein, amino acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, flavonoids, Asiaticoside, etc. TRUFEREX CENLA has a lower molecular weight and is more easily absorbed by the skin. TRUFEREX CENLA soothes sensitive skin, improves redness, slows aging, promotes cell regeneration and restores the skin barrier.

TRUFEREX CENLA advantages:

1. After fermentation, the molecular weight becomes smaller and easier to be absorbed by the skin

2. Improve red blood silk, repair and stabilize the skin

3. Anti-oxidation, delay skin aging


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