Series application
Flower series - camellia, jasmine, hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus Flowers, Fujian's Luo Shenhua, grows in the hills and flat land below 600 meters above sea level. It likes warmth, is afraid of cold, and is afraid of early frost. Application Products: Anti-aging maintenance product, skin color evenening product TRUFEREAU HIBIS

Jasmine, jasmine is known as the "king of flowers", jasmine contains essential oil, linalool ester and other substances. Application Products: Anti-aging care product, basic moisturizing care product TRUZENEAU JSM TRUFEREX JSM

Camellia, "Yunnan camellia world." Yunnan area warm wet, deep soil, well drained acid soil. Application: Anti-aging care product TRUFEREAU JAPO TRUFEREX JAPO

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