Series application
High mountain plateau series - black medlar, rhodiola, snow lotus

Snow lotus, the Tibetan snow lotus from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is famous for its precious medicinal value in the world, known as the "king of 100 weeds". TRUFEREAU SNOWFLO TRUFEREX SNOWFLO Application product: anti-aging maintenance product

Rhodiola rhodiola, the large flower rhodiola rhodiola in Qamdo, Xizang, selected quality, natural no sulfur, pure natural no additives. Application Products: Even skin color products TRUFEREAU RD TRUFEREX RD

Black wolfberry, black wolfberry is known as the wild "blue demon". Has the unique "anthocyanin" can be highly effective antioxidant. Application: maintenance and anti-aging product TRUFEREX BGJ

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