Series application
Flower series - rose, gardenia, calendula, tuberose

Tuberose, tuberose jade Cuiye element stem, jasper Xiu Rong, containing fragrance body clean, faint fragrance four overflow, make people forget the summer in July, relaxed and happy. Calendula, calendula rich in a variety of vitamins, its petals contain carotenoids, tomato hydrocarbons, etc., have beauty effects. TRUFEREAU CALDU

Gardenia, gardenia, also known as gardenia, gardenia leaves bright green, evergreen, white flowers, fragrant. Application Products: Skin color evener product, anti-aging product TRUZENEAU GARDEN

Rose, rose has been a popular component of female maintenance products since ancient times, and the aroma it sends out makes you feel happy. Application Products: Skin color evener product, basic moisturizing product TRUFEREAU ROSE TRULYFER ROSE

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