Series application
Other series - centella asiatica, aloe, dendrobium officinale

Dendrobium officinale, Dendrobium officinale, is one of the most precious Chinese medicinal materials, listed as the first of "China's nine immortal herbs", known as "gold in medicine" reputation. TRUFEREX DDB Application products: even skin color products, anti-aging maintenance products

Aloe, choose aloe Braso, evergreen herbs for many years, leaves clustered, large and hypertrophic. It is honored as "magic plant" and family medicine box. TRUZENEAU AL Application: Basic moisturizing products

Centella asiatica, Centella asiatica contains protein, amino acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, flavonoids, Asiatica glycosides and other components. TRUFEREAU CENLA TRUFEREX CENLA Application product: anti-aging maintenance products

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